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Woodsafe Timber Protection's expertise in fireproof wood is an important part of the construction industry. In our rear mirror, we can see 25 years of technology development, products and the construction of today's high functioning network of premium partners which all comes together to help you, the customer, with an ALL-IN-ONE concept. Our business consists exclusively of contractual impregnation of wood in our own premises, using our unique impregnation plant specially designed for fire impregnation. Woodsafe is a qualified and certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CPR Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, the Planning and Building Act (SFS 2010:900) through the requirements of the BBR and others.

Customer service:
kundtjanst (at)

transport (at)

Production manager:
production (at)

Fire performance questions:
helpdesk (at)

See Resellers

support (at) 

Contact persons:
stefan.hedqvist (at) 
thomas.bengtsson (at)

Financial information:

  • Turnover: 58,7 MSEK.
  • Quick ratio: 196,37%
  • Equity/asset ratio: 53,73%
  • Assets: 93,5 MSEK
  • Employees: 18
  • 100% Privately owned


  • Sala Sparbank
  • Bankgiro: 599-0619
  • IBAN: SE18 8000 0828 4200 4660 8196

Invoices should be sent to:

  • invoice (at)
  • Always mark with reference and purchase number
  • Woodsafe Timber Protection AB,
    Box 1153,
    721 29 Västerås
  • 30 days payment terms.
  • Incorrect invoices will be returned to sender.