In your role as a builder/contractor, you are responsible for using certified products. Fire protection is safety and shall be treated with a serious attitude, in accordance with legal requirements for product performance. Fire protection is expensive, but in this case, downstream users cannot take shortcuts and use cheaper products at the expense of these not being certified for use. For example, no builder would take a risk and use "low strength rafters" or "unauthorized electrical accreditation" or hire "unauthorized wet room installers".

In line with increased demand for wood cladding, façades and decorative materials, so increases the demand for building contractors' knowledge and awareness of fire safety. Increased demands for fire protection place higher demands on you as a builder to know the rules concerning the fire resistant properties of wood products. What exactly is B-s1,d0? A combination of papers, a low price or a product that conforms to national building regulations in accordance with building legislation and the EU Construction Products Regulation requiring CE marking.


System for document control 

We know you think fireproof wood is complicated     

We think we know that you think fireproof wood is complicated. That is why we recommend that builders use Appendix E and Appendix C to facilitate comparison of the characteristics of products, quality systems and more. Please contact our support or Woodsafe premium partners for correct procurement and the best possible support. Our partners give you trouble-free delivery of fire-retardant wood products for construction projects for your clients/customers.       

"The easiest way to succeed in a project is to do things right from the beginning, not to correct wrong decisions"

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The art of selecting the a brand/supplier     

On a basic level, it is obvious that the fire class must be met and must be certified according to the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. But a fire rating of a document does not mean that the product is automatically suitable for use. Wood is a living material with unique properties and the potential to be fire safe. Depending on the requirements of your application, you need to take into account more than just the fire class. Obviously there are more products than Woodsafe on the market. The question you should ask is why one product is certified and another is not, why one product is more expensive than another, and so on. Woodsafe's service of fire treating wood is surrounded by a range of certified products/services undertaken in accordance with laws and regulations, including over 100 combinations of wood species, fire class, finishing and more. We know the rules, and we are more than happy to help you.   
The easiest way to succeed in a project is to do things right from the beginning, not to correct wrong decisions!