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There is a need for a greater consensus in the construction industry on fire protection

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A proposal to modernize building regulations within fire protection was presented this spring. Behind these are four organizations. Thomas Bengtsson, CEO of Woodsafe, welcomes the initiative and hopes it will contribute to reducing the ignorance of fire protection.

There is a need for a greater consensus in the construction industry on fire protection. Therefore, four organizations; Brandskyddsföreningen, Föreningen för brandteknisk ingenjörsvetenskap BIV, Sveriges Brandkonsultförening BRA, Föreningen Sveriges Brandbefäl jointly developed: "Förslag till moderna byggregler för brandskydd" ("Proposal for modern building rules for fire protection"). This was presented in March this year.

The proposal accommodates 17 pages and is based on a thorough analysis within several basic problem areas. One is that the building process tools for fire protection are not used properly, for example certified experts in fire protection. The lack of knowledge is also highlighted as a reason why the construction process does not work as it should. "The lack of knowledge about the construction process and its various parts is widespread in all stages", the analysis shows. For the problems in the analysis there is also given possible solutions. This means that fire protection must be based on fire risks.

Good initiative
Thomas Bengtsson, CEO of Woodsafe, welcomes the initiative. One area that Thomas often highlights is the ignorance of fire protection and, in particular, fire-protected wood.

- It is not always crystal clear what responsibility the builder and the client have in terms of fire protection, says Thomas Bengtsson. We therefore think it is important that the issue of competence is addressed.

Here is more information about the initiative and here you can also read the entire document (in Swedish)


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