Woodsafe's processing services for solid wood and plywood give you, the architect, client and contractor the right conditions to use different wood species with unique characteristics, while meeting the legal requirements for certified performance in resisting fire. Fire treatment of wood is not a preservative treatment against decay, it is a refinement of the wood's properties against fire. During the process, some effects on the material and its natural properties such as sap, resin, torsions, tannic acid may occur in certain species of wood. For best possible results, it is important that the user consults with our partners before tendering.

Examples of wood species and plywood processed by Woodsafe to a CE certified of performance are: Spruce, Pine, Oak, Maple, Birch, Cedar, Larch, Poplar, Ash, Thermo wood and plywood such as Birch, Pine, Poplar, Spruce and others.