Woodsafe Timber Protection AB (556630-5321) is wholly owned by founder Thomas Bengtsson. The company holds a diploma of the highest credit rating AAA and score rating VVV. For several years, the company has enjoyed strong growth with good economic development, which in 2014 is reflected in: an equity ratio of 42.41%, cash liquidity of 123.17%, 19.68% profit margin, EBIT 4010 TSEK, Assets of 27,574 TSEK.

Delivery & visiting address

(Open for loading 7:00 am to 3:45 pm, for other times, please call us) 

Post & invoice address  

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB, 
Box 1153, 
72129 Västerås. 
Telefon: +46 (0) 21-14 72 73

Billing details    

Box 1153,
72129 Västerås
Tel:+46(0)21 147273 +46 (0)707 420420 
Organisations Number: 556630-5321 
VAT Number: SE556630532101
EORI Number: SE5566305321 

Purchase and order conditions 

Invoices should always be marked with our project number or purchase order number, invoice must be sent to Woodsafe Timber Protection Box 1153 721 29 Västerås.  Payment 30 days net. Special price 10 days net. Interest in accordance with debt laws, both invoices and supplier invoices.   
Incorrect invoices e.g. incorrect address, missing purchase reference, are returned to the sender.    

Woodsafe services and deliveries take place under the following conditions:  
  • IncoTerms 2010 EXXW. 
  • Warranty Regulatory GRT 2016.  
  • Woodsafe's actions and reservations follow our factsheet and appendices 

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