Environment and health

Woodsafe gives priority to environmental and health safety
Woodsafe end products are not classified as an environmental or health hazard. The manufacturing process takes place in leak proof zone, and there are no emissions in production. At Woodsafe Timber Protection, this is a very high priority.

Free of brominated flame retardants
In the media, there has been considerable debate about brominated flame retardants (e.g. PBB, PBDE, and the like). None of these substances are found in our finished end products or in the quality assured (Osmose AB) raw material we use.

Woodsafe fireproof wood products in relation to the Svanen ecolabel.
It has often been asked whether Woodsafe Timber Protection meets the requirements of ecolabels (e.g. Svanen, LEED, and BREEAM). The Svanen ecolabel is an environmental system that is increasingly being sought after by architects, builders, and purchasers.

Svanen has arrived at the following:

Woodsafe fire-treated wood and plywood are not included in the Svanen criteria under the requirements of specific substances in accordance with 021,026. This means that Woodsafe fire-treated wood can therefore be used in Svanen labelled projects, which are also approved in accordance with EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 as well as the Board's requirements in accordance with BBR and PBL. Please contact us for further information.