In the media, brominated flame retardants are considered as very dangerous, often in terms such as PBB and PBDE, but boric acid is also listed on the REACH list as a hazardous substance. Woodsafe Timber Protection use two different fire retardants produced by Koppers Performance Chemicals Inc., USA, and Hoover Inc., USA.
  • Koppers FirePRO® contains no brominated compounds, but contains a small amount of boric acid in the finished product. The threshold for labelling requirements and restrictions is 5.5 percent by weight of boric acid. This limit is not exceeded and thus Woodsafe FirePRO™-treated wood and plywood does not require labelling. The product is approved by an approval certificate in accordance with the issue requirements for indoor environments. 
  • Koppers/Hoover Fire-X®  contain no brominated compounds or boric acid.  
None of Woodsafe's treated wood products are subject to restrictions for downstream users, other than recommendations such as AMV and our product fact sheets. Disposal is performed according to the principle of sorting waste wood as combustible timber. Burning the wood yourself is not recommended due to deteriorated combustion characteristics, which can damage small biomass boilers (e.g. a coke coating may be formed).

Nordic Ecolabel - Svanen

Woodsafe Timber Protection is increasingly receiving the question of whether Woodsafe fire protection meets the requirements of environmental systems, e.g. Nordic Ecolabel, LEED, BREEAM etc. Nordic Ecolabel is an environmental system demanded increasingly by both architects, builders and purchasers. 

After the organization Nordic Ecolabel investigated Woodsafe's services, Nordic Ecolabel arrived at the following: Woodsafe fire-treated wood and plywood are not included in the Nordic Ecolabel criteria under the requirements of specific substances in accordance with 021,026th This means that Woodsafe fire-treated wood can therefore be used in Nordic Ecolabel projects. Assessment of fire retardants should therefore not be included in the overall Nordic Ecolabel assessment

Building product assessment

Woodsafe Timber Protection has a full assessment under the criteria of the Building product assessment.




Not relevant as an individual product. Woodsafe Timber Protection recommends that our fixed declarations are used as a basis in LEED projects. Sunda Hus .


This information is for Woodsafe FirePRO™ 

REACH: SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) on the list of candidates The product is not subject to requirements for a permit, identification or other restrictions as a final product, i.e. the product sold in the market by Woodsafe Timber Protection AB. 
However, > 0.1 weight per cent of a substance (boric acid) used in the wood treatment process is included in the latest REACH (EC 1907/2006) candidate list published by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) on 24 June 2013. 
  • With the Woodsafe treatment process for wood and plywood, the final product also contains more than 0.1 weight per cent boric acid, which means that the final product is subject to the requirement of identification, restrictions for use and other restrictions for waste management. 
  •  The Woodsafe finished product includes < 5.5 weight per cent boric acid, which means the finished product is not subject to requirements for identification, restrictions for use or other restrictions for waste management. 
As a distributor, Woodsafe Timber Protection AB is required to provide information from the producer downstream along the distribution chain to you as the downstream user in accordance with REACH (Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) no. 1907/2006). 
Send a message to helpdesk@woodsafe.se or call Thomas Bengtsson, REACH coordinator for Woodsafe Timber Protection AB, telephone number: +46 21 14 72 73.
The candidate list is regularly updated with new substances. We continuously monitor the list. Of course, we will inform you if any of the new substances added to the list of candidates is included in any of the products in our assortment. 
For more information about the candidate list, visit the chemical inspection service's home page and ECHA's home page:

http://www.kemi.se/sv/Start/Reach-forordningen/ http://www.echa.europa.eu/chem_data/authorisation_process/candidate_list_en.asp

Sunda Hus

Woodsafe Timber Protection has a full assessment under the criteria for Sunda Hus.

Environmental declaration

Woodsafe Timber Protection has an established environmental declaration.


Not relevant as an individual product. Woodsafe Timber Protection recommend that our stated declarations are used as a basis for BREEAM projects.



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