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Woodsafes fire protection factory, completely built and adapted for fire protection impregnation and drying of large and small drying sets including a wide variety of woods, is located in Västerås. From the factory in Västerås we load goods by truck, train or ship. Our resources consist of two industrially controlled vacuum autoclaves, which is the only wood protection technology that guarantees qualitative and long-lasting performance. Fixation of fire retardant and regulation of moisture content takes place in four specially designed drying chambers.


  • 2 autoclaves (2 x 13 m, 2,5 x 8 m)
  • 100m3 acclimatisation chamber
  • 120m3 loading zone
  • 2x105m3 KDAT fixation dryer
  • 2x25m3 KDAT fixation dryer
  • 6.500m2 production area
  • 18.000m2 storage area
  • 960m2 office with conference room for 24 people
  • 2*500kW biofuel boiler
  • 6st electric trucks (5t, 4.5t, 3.5t, 2.5t, 2t,1.5t)
  • 1st diesel truck (8t)
  • 1st wheeled loader (12t)