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Woodsafe's technology for refining fire protection wood properties is done by industrial design via vacuum pressure impregnation process according to our manufacturing manual (ISO 9001), which was reviewed and certified by RISE (0402). The vacuum pressure impregnation method in itself is not unique, it is a proven and accepted technique for protecting wood against, inter alia, fire, pests, and to provide increased sustainability, etc.

Our cutting edge competence is to manage the possibility of optimally refining the wood properties, taking into account density, capillary properties, cell structure and natural properties like resins, lignin etc. In our daily work, we always focus on the interests of customers such as optimal finishes e.g. preventing buckling, cracks, coating, cell wall collapse, etc. of the product after impregnation and drying. Our pursuit of and focus on the best is appreciated by our customers. Woodsafe Timber Protection has the most certified woods, more than any of our famous manufacturers in Europe, for example. B-s1, d0 on cedar tree, B-s1, d0 with painted surface layers on spruce, oak, oak and many others.

Manufacturing is based on Swedish values of quality and working conditions. Staff have instructions for measurement, calibration, moisture measurement, absorption, concentration control, etc. Nothing has been left to chance. The entire process is monitored on-site, remotely and via external-based backup.

Woodsafe Timber Protections MANUFACTURE IS COVERED BY:

  • Certificate of approval according to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, BBL, PBL.
  • EU Building Products Regulation CPR 305/2011
  • CE - Certificate of Constancy of Performance EN14915:2013
  • CE - Certificate of Constancy of Performance EN13986:2004+A1:2015
  • IMO certification (DNV)
  • MK Approval (ETA)
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
  • Third Party Continuous Manufacturing Control of RISE (0402)