Your vision and wishes to use wood and plywood in public buildings, high wooden facades and in many other areas, can be realized when your wood product supplier uses Woodsafe premium partners and/or retailers.
Ideal areas of application 
  • Modular Construction  
  • Wall and roof coverings 
  • Acoustic panel/plywood 
  • Acoustic panel/furring using solid wood  
  • Construction, canopies, extensions  
  • Facade cladding  Interiors e.g. storage containers 
  • Vehicle Interiors for e.g. boats, aeroplanes, trucks 
  • Packaging and labelling  
  • Scaffolding  
  • Attic spaces  
  • Fire resistant constructions  

Ideal examples of installations  
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities 
  • Schools, high schools, colleges 
  •  Sport & leisure facilities, arena complexes 
  • Corridors, escape routes 
  • Multi-storey buildings with wooden facades 
  • Multi-storey buildings with exterior corridors Halls, meeting and conference rooms 
  • Concert & music halls, auditoriums 
  • Public buildings such as judicial centres, town halls, train stations 
  • Retail buildings e.g. shopping arcades, shopping centres, shop fittings 
  • Hotels, hostels, accommodation facilities, building modules 
  •  Public buildings such as municipal offices, head offices.