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Fire protection for interior and exterior environment, traditionally painted.

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Waterproof maintenance-free fire protection for natural aging.

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Woodsafe does not sell impregnated wood themselves to end customers. This is done through resellers.

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Now we start the work for a substantial increase in knowledge! After the summer we are launching a website where we provide objective information about fire-protected wood to remedy the confusion that often prevails. We also start a series of events around Sweden to raise awareness of fire-protected wood.

Now, we at Woodsafe take a firm grip on raising the level of knowledge about fire-protected wood. The reason is simple. We have for a long time noticed that there is a confusion about what really applies to fire-protected wood. Particularly serious is when rogue operators spread information that is not reality-based and is often a pure lie. At the same time, interest in wood and how to fire proof a building increases.

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